Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid


Directions for Use

Dish Washing:  Dispense the detergent into your wash basin and start filling the basin with warm water. Half a teaspoon of detergent (about one brief squeeze) is sufficient to start with. Swish the water around to work up some suds, then start washing your dishes. It is most economical to use small amounts of detergent and add more detergent when the suds are almost gone.

Did you know?
Did you know...

...that liquid dish detergent is a very versatile cleaner?
Generally, specialized cleaners are the best choice for specific jobs. However if you find yourself without the appropriate specialty cleaner, liquid dish detergent is a good second choice for a wide range of cleaning jobs. So remember, even though liquid dish detergent is the cleaner of choice for dishes, it is also a good backup for many other cleaners.

Fruit & Vegetable Wash:  Use Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid as a fruit & vegetable wash to help remove waxes, dirt and pesticides. Use several drops of detergent mixed in a large bowl of cold water. Submerse your fruits and vegetables in the water and let them soak for about a minute. Swish leafy vegetables around to loosen dirt and use a soft cloth or brush on firm fruits. Plastic scour pads work well on potatoes. Rinse thoroughly and pat the fruit and vegetables dry.

Car Wash:  Use Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid to wash your car. Mix one teaspoon of detergent (about one firm brief squeeze) with warm or cool water in a large bucket. First rinse your car with plain water, then use a soft sponge and wash with the detergent water. Rinse your car thoroughly with water before the detergent dries. Never pour the detergent directly onto your car.

Pet Shampoo:  Use Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid to wash your cat or dog. First wet your pet's fur with warm water, then apply a small amount of detergent. Work up a thick lather and then thoroughly rinse your pet's fur until it is lather free.

Did you know?
Did you know...

...that Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid
can be used as a bubblebath or body wash?

Because Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is hypo-allergenic and contains no additives like fragrances or dyes, it's great to use as a safe, non-irritating bubblebath or body wash.
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Cleaning Tips

  • DO NOT use Ultra Dishwashing Liquid in automatic dishwashers, as standard dishwashing liquid produces too much suds and can cause your dishwasher to overflow.

  • If your method for tackling those really dirty dishes is to squirt some extra detergent directly onto your wash cloth or scouring pad before scrubbing, then you're likely using far more detergent than is necessary. It is better to let dishes and pans that have baked or dried on food soak first. Then you'll need less detergent (and less elbow grease!) once it comes time to scrub.

  • You will generally get better results by washing your less greasy dishes first, like glasses and silverware, followed by your more greasy items like plates, and then lastly your pots and pans.

  • Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is safe to use on crystal and over-glazed china.

Did you know?
Did you know...

...that Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid works outdoors?
Because Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is 100% biodegradable, it is safe to use outdoors and is ideal for situations like camping and boating. Use it sparingly in salt water, warm or cold, to clean dishes, clothing, and yourself! However, freshwater mountain lakes and streams are delicate, so you should not use any soap directly in them. Instead, do your washing and rinsing at least 200ft (80 adult steps) away. This will allow soil microbes to easily filter and break down your biodegradable, phosphate-free Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid before it reaches the water.


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