Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner

Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner


Directions for Use

Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner is safe to use on most of your household surfaces including counter tops, painted wood or metal, plastics, carpeting, vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, porcelain sinks and tubs, fiberglass, and marble. Avoid washing your windows or mirrors, as the cleaner will leave streaks. Do not use on any surface finished with a non-urethane varnish. If you are uncertain about a type of finish, first test clean a small inconspicuous area and then proceed with the rest of the cleaning if no damage occurred in the test area.

Use Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner in your bathroom to clean the sink, bathtub, toilet and shower doors. Spray the cleaner onto the surface to be cleaned, scrub using a sponge or brush that is safe for porcelain or fiberglass, and then rinse with water. To clean your toilet bowl, mix about 1 teaspoon of the cleaner directly into the toilet bowl water, scrub the bowl with a toilet brush, and then flush.

To polish chrome surfaces, spray a small amount of Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner onto a slightly dampened cloth, wipe gently and then polish with a soft dry cloth. Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner can also be used to wash inside glass shower stall doors, however make sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid streaking.

Use Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner in your kitchen to clean the sink, clean the countertops, and polish the stove top. Simply spray the cleaner onto the surface to be cleaned and wipe clean using a dampened cloth. Use Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner in your oven as well. First spray the cleaner directly onto baked grease or foodstuffs, let it soak for a while, and then scrub with a scouring pad that is safe for ceramic surfaces. Finally, wipe clean with a dampened cloth.

For linoleum floors and painted walls, use a diluted Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner solution of 1/2 cup cleaner to 6 liters/quarts of warm water. For spot cleaning, spray the cleaner on full strength and use a dampened cloth or sponge to wipe clean. Also use Planet All Purpose Spray Cleaner for spot cleaning carpets. Spray directly onto the soiled area, work the cleaner into the carpet with a dampened sponge, being careful not to spread the stain, rinse thoroughly with plain water, and then soak up excess moisture with a towel.

Cleaning Tips

  • Wear rubber gloves or avoid prolonged skin contact when using household cleaners.

  • With any surface, if you have doubts, test the cleaner on an inconspicuous area first before cleaning the entire surface. Apply the cleaner to test area, wipe off gently, and check for any discoloration. If there is no discernable discoloration or other signs of damage, the cleaner should be safe to use on the rest of the surface.

  • Always test carpets for color-fastness before applying any kind of cleaner. Test the cleaner on an inconspicuous area of the carpet first, wipe off gently, and check for any discoloration before continuing. Using a white towel to blot with will help you determine if any dye is bleeding.

  • When using general purpose cleaners at full strength, remember to rinse promptly and thoroughly. Do not let the cleaners soak (except as noted in the cleaner's instructions) or the cleaner could damage the surface you are cleaning. Firm scrubbing can also sometimes cause surface damage, so be as gentle as possible when scrubbing stains and spots.

  • Pencil, crayon and grease are the most difficult to remove, however results will always improve with a little extra effort.

  • Disinfectant cleaners cannot sterilize every surface in your home or sterilize the air. At best, they temporarily reduce germ populations in specific areas for a limited time. Cleaning regularly and thoroughly is generally more important to domestic hygiene than purchasing a specific disinfectant cleaner. Also note, there is now serious concern that widespread use of disinfectant cleaners in homes is promoting the development of bacteria that are resistant to such disinfectants.

  • Avoid breathing in the spray when you are using a spray cleaner. Always point the spray away from yourself and rinse off any spills thoroughly and quickly.

  • On surfaces where some extra scouring power is needed, such as in between mildewed tiles, use baking soda and your spray cleaner to create a thin paste, then scrub the surface with an old toothbrush, and finally rinse clean with water.


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